Water conservation vs. lawns: Is it time to get rid of your lawn?

I’m all for a small lawn in the backyard if you have small children. However, some of the rest of us just can’t seem to give up the lawn. I’m guessing if you spent your childhood playing on a lawn, you might have one now ‘just because’.  I’ve had clients without children at home tell me they have a lawn just because they thought it was supposed to be part of the garden.
   And that was probably true in the days before we knew water conservation was something we need to consider. I’ve also had clients tell me they want a lawn for their dog to lay on or to do their business on. I’ve come up with many alternatives for the ‘dog lawn’ and all of the pet owners say things worked out just fine. Below are links to just a few alternatives to a lawn.

Believe it or not, the 'before' pictures in these links used to be lawn!
Dog-friendly garden
Koi pond, stream, waterfall (this garden renovation kept some lawn)
Modern Zen

So, if you’re ready to give up your lawn, or to reduce the size of your lawn, give me a call and I’ll help you get started.

Side-bar – If you are going to have a small lawn I would recommend a ‘no mow’ lawn and not a synthetic lawn. To learn more about a ‘no mow’ lawn click here .

If you'd like more information on water conservation, please look at California's Water Conservation Resource website

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