‘No mow’ lawn - what is it and why would I want one?

Simply put, a no mow lawn is a lawn that you don’t need to mow every 1-2 weeks (eliminates the use of a gas mower), most don’t need fertilizing or weed killers (which are chemical ridden), it takes less water than a typical sod lawn (very good!), and it’s shade tolerant to boot! It does look a bit different than your traditional lawn in that it does not have a manicured look, but it has a more natural flowing nature. It’s softer to sit on and kids and dogs love it! Here are a few pictures of different types of ‘no mow’ lawns and different applications.

Left to right: "No-Mow" Fine fescue mix in Wisconsin, photo by Bill Sloey; unmowed UC Verde Buffalo grass in California, photo by Tom Engelman; Carex WHAT, photo by Susan Morrison; and prairie dropseed at the Scott Arb, photo by Susan Harris. More info from http://www.lawnreform.org/

Here is a close up picture of a fescue blend:

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