Sustainable Gardening. Week 10: Final week: Reap the rewards of your efforts...

Well, this is our final week of learning some of the basics of sustainable gardening. And our final lesson is - grow your own food! Using sustainable gardening techniques of course. Yes, growing your own food is another topic entirely (see my next blog entry for more info), but it's worth the effort. You'll not only ensure that your family is eating healthy food, but lots of kids really like learning about growing their own food. It can be fun for adults as well: espaliering fruit trees like apples, pears, figs (see pic below), growing your own grapes (table grapes or wine grapes), and what could be better than having fresh veggies and herbs for your meals.

I hope you enjoyed the sustainable gardening series, and please look for future blogs about growing your own food and other topics.

Here's a recap of the 10 basic steps of sustainable gardening.

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